Some simple ways to make the perfect bed

We all like it to go on holiday and find that the beds in the hotels are neat and tidy. And, we all love to see how pretty these beds normally are. But, when we are looking at our beds, we notice that we can’t get our beds made up like the beds in the hotels. No matter how hard you might be trying. This is why you need to know the secrets in how to make up the perfect bed. Then, your bed will look just like the beds at the hotels.

Finding the right pillows


Do you notice that the beds in the hotels have many pillows on? There’s a simple reason for this. This is because it makes a bed look nicer and neater. And, it makes the bed more attractive and everyone want to lie in a bed that looks attractive.


So, if you want to have a bed like in the hotels that’s attractive and neat, then the first thing that you need to do is to find the right pillows and the right color. Color and a couple of pillows can make a huge difference. And, this is a secret that many people don’t really know.

Stacking four to five pillows on a double bed will make your bed appear nice and warm. The pillows can be all the same color, or you can play with the colors that your room are, to make the room even more colorful.

Flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet

Did you notice that all the hotel rooms have always flat sheets and not fitted sheets? This is because the flat sheet makes the bed neater. You might not want to struggle with fitting a flat sheet over the bed, each morning.


But if you want to have a bed, that’s made up like a professional did it, then you need to ditch the fitted sheets and go buy a flat sheet, and learn how to fold it correctly over the bed. The flat sheet is cheaper than the fitted sheet, but it lets the bed appear more appealing.

The one thing that you don’t need to do, is to have two sheets on the bed, like many hotels. This isn’t practical, and it is so much easier to get tangled with the second sheet at night. Use only the one sheet, and sleep under the duvet cover. It is really much more comfortable than that extra, useless sheet, that really just there to spend extra time in making the bed.

The right duvet for the cover


There’s nothing worse than having a duvet cover, where the duvet does not fit correctly into the cover. The duvet is twisted and turned in the cover, and it will not make a bed look nice. Make sure that you’re buying a duvet that’s fitted perfectly into the cover, without any folds or getting it into a twist.

Having the correct duvet cover for the duvet, will give your bed the right look, from the start. If you’re not using a duvet cover, but just using sheets and blankets, you might want to switch to a duvet. The blankets are hard to make up and it is so much easier to make a mess of blankets on your bed. A duvet is easier and faster, and there’s no specific way that you need to know, to make up a bed with a duvet cover.

There’s some secrets that you need to know, if you want to have an attractive bed that will look great in your room. Maintaining a bed that will look great, isn’t as hard as many people may think. The secret lies in the correct linen and pillows.

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